Acrylic Line Marker Paint - 12 x 750ml

  • High-Quality Line Marking Paint
  • 12 x 750ml Spray Cans
  • Indoor and Outdoor Surfaces
  • Produces Straight, Consistent, Crisp Lines.
  • Hard-Wearing, Even in Rainy Conditions
  • Available in a Range of Colours
  • Ideal for Car Parks, Warehouses/Factories, Pitches, and More.

Colour: Blue
Sale price£40.00ex vat

This acrylic line marker paint is designed to produce high quality and highly visible lines, without breaking the bank. Ideal for marking a range of indoor and outdoor surfaces, this acrylic line marker paint can be used for car park line marking, road marking, playground marking, loading bay marking, as well as sports pitch marking and building site marking.

This acrylic line marking paint is designed to produce brilliant, bright paint lines. The acrylic line marking spray paint is hard-wearing and highly visible. It produces sharp and long-lasting lines that won't wash away in the rain and won't damage the surface. Available in a range of colours – white, yellow, red, orange, green, black and blue – this acrylic line marker paint is highly pigmented, for a great high-quality finish.

An extremely versatile line marking paint, this acrylic aerosol spray paint can be applied to a huge variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces. The spray can be used by hand or in a hand-held applicator for spot marking and making freehand lines and shapes on the ground. It can also be used in a line marking applicator to produce straight, consistent and crips lines in car parks, on roads, in warehouses and factories. As this line marker paint comes in 750ml aerosol spray cans, it is very easy to use. Simply shake the can well and start spraying! No mixing or preparation required.

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