ATAK Grass Line Marker Kit

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  • Professional Spray Line Marking System
  • Everything You Need to Get Started
  • Includes Robust 4 Wheel line Marking Machine
  • Includes Box of 12 Acrylic Paints (12 Cans)
  • Great for Sports Pitches, Tracks and Courts
  • Creates Straight, Well-Defined Lines

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This premium line marking kit is specially designed to offer a significantly cheaper and quicker alternative to contract companies whilst also providing the clearest, brightest lines to sports fields, runnings tracks and grass courts.

Starring our top of the range ATAK Pitch Marker and one box of ATAK Athletic aerosol spray cans, you can make significant savings compared to buying individually.

The ATAK Pitch Marker paint applicator is one of the leading line marking paint systems. This is in no small part thanks to its large 10" wheels, that cope fantastically well over rough surfaces. Line widths can be easily adjusted between 2" and 5", giving you complete control over the application area.

ATAK Athletic Paint Aerosol Cans are famous for its superior coverage rates compared to other leading brands, saving you both time and money per box by not having to go over the lines more times than you need to. Available in a broad range of bright colours, this paint ensures an even, low splash coating every time leaving your lines looking sharper for longer.

For more information on our ATAK Grass Line Marker Kit, or any other product in our extensive range, contact our friendly experts on the hire team today.

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