ATAK Traffic Line Marking Paint Applicator

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  • Professional Traffic Line Marking Machine
  • Designed for Use on  Hard Surfaces Such as Tarmac and Concrete
  • Robust 4 Wheel Design
  • Great for Car Parks, Warehouses and Depots
  • Creates Crisp, Well-Defined Lines
  • Durable and Reliable

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Atak line marking machines are high quality, easy to use line marking applicators, ideal for indoor and outdoor use on tarmac, concrete and other hard surfaces. These applicators are used with Atak line marking paint cans, to produce sharp and professional lines for a range of applications.

Whether you need to paint lines for a car park, a warehouse floor, factory floor, dispatch depot or any other kind of indoor or outdoor hard floor area, Atak line marking machines provide a perfect solution. These machines can be used with Atak paint, in a range of colours, to produce bright, high-quality paint lines.

Atak line marking machines are high-quality pieces of equipment capable of producing excellent results. These machines are strong and robust, with an impact resistant body for high quality, consistent straight lines and reliable, long-lasting performance. They also have an adjustable line width feature and a guide arrow that assists the operator in producing high-quality paint lines. The handle on these applicators is detachable and can be used separately for more intricate work, spot painting and stencil painting.

Atak line marking applicators are incredibly easy to use. Whether you are an experienced professional or a first time DIY user, you can use an Atak line marking machine to get excellent results. Simply adjust the unit to the required line width, shake your can, insert it into the can housing, squeeze the handle to start the spray and walk forward at a steady pace to get bright and professional lines on the below surface. Using this line marking system gives you the freedom and flexibility to paint more lines as and when needed, without the cost or hassle of booking a contractor.

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