Atak Traffic Super Stripe Line Marker Paint - 12 x 500ml

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  • High-Quality, Highly Pigmented Acrylic Paint
  • Long-Lasting, Highly Visible Lines
  • 12 X 500ml
  • All-Purpose Use
  • Perfect For Indoor and Outdoor Surfaces
  • Available in a Range of Colours

Colour: Black
Sale price£112.50ex vat Regular price£135.00ex vat

Atak Super Stripe Traffic line marking paint is designed to produce high quality, highly visible paint lines on hard surfaces. Used in conjunction with the Fox Valley Super Striper line marking machine, Atak's Super Striper line marking paint is ideal for marking car parks, warehouses, factories, play areas and more.

Atak's Super Stripe line marking paint is a bright & colourful line marking paint, designed to produce a high quality, highly visible line marking finish. Atak Super Stripe Traffic line marking paint comes in boxes of 12 x 500ml cans, and it is available in white, yellow, red, blue and green.

Atak Super Stripe Traffic line marking paint fits perfectly in the Fox Valley Systems Super Striper line marking machine, and can be used on any hard surface -indoor or outdoor - to achieve a high quality line marking finish. Whether you need to mark out a car park, factory, warehouse floor, access areas, pathways, play areas & more, Atak Super Stripe Traffic paint is perfect for the job.

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