Grassline Titan 30L Sports Pitch Spray Marker

  • Developed by Pro Groundsmen
  • 30L Paint Container
  • Built in the UK
  • Smooth & Even Spray Line Marking
  • Good Battery Life
  • Variable Line Width
  • Integral Mixing System

Sale price£599.95ex vat

The Grassline Titan 30L Sports Pitch Spray Marker has been developed in consultation with professional groundsmen.

Hand-built, well-balanced and robust, this spray marker combines all the needs of the professional groundsman into a single machine and offers great value for money.

For single or multi-pitch line marking, the Titan will deliver a smooth, constant and even spray line marking performance.

The battery has a long powerful life and will drive the pump for a full day of marking from a single charge. An automatic battery charger is supplied as standard. The battery can also be charged while in position or can be lifted out for charging away from the marker.

The pump is both efficient and economical. When used in conjunction with the variable pressure valve, it enables the groundsman to control the volume of paint delivered to the twin spray heads for a dense professional line or a more economical line.

The Grassline TITAN offers a variable line width of 50mm, 75mm or 100mm (2, 3 and 4 inch). Twin spray heads mean that you can choose to use a single spray delivery for economical line marking or both sprays for a double spray delivery, but in a single pass.

The TITAN’s tank holds 30 litres of mixed marking paint and has an integral mixing system as standard.
The paint concentrate should be thoroughly mixed or diluted with water in a suitable container and then poured into the tank.
After the mixed paint has been poured into the tank, the Integrated Mixing System can be activated to continue the mixing process before spraying commences and during breaks in spraying.

The system is activated by use of the pressure valve located under the hood, which opens and closes the system.
When activated, the paint will bypass the spray heads and flow back into the tank. The pressure valve can also be used to regulate the pump pressure and consequently the volume of paint being delivered to the spray heads.

This reduced pressure enables the Titan to be used for marking hard sports surfaces, asphalt, concrete, car parks and playgrounds, where a lesser volume of paint is needed to mark nonporous surfaces.

Added extras supplied as standard include a galvanised adjustable handle; pneumatic tyres and roller bearing wheels; heavy duty battery; compatible battery charger; 115mm (4 and 1/4 inch) filling filter; tank with flexible pipe and in-line weighted filter; stainless steel spray heads with in-line anti-dribble valves and removable nozzles; and steel adjustable thumb screws.

Weight: 31kg (boxed 55kg)
Dimensions: 800 x 620 x 500
Warranty: 12 months

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