Prosolve Road Marking Crayons - 12 Pack

  • Non-Toxic, Hardwearing and Waterproof.
  • Designed for Use On Asphalt And Concrete, Stone Pavements and Road Surfaces
  • Great for Surveyors, Road Maintenance and Utilities Engineers
  • Pack Of 12

Colour: Black
Sale price£15.00ex vat

ProSolve Road Marking Crayons are ideal for marking roads, pavements, asphalt, concrete & stone

These road crayons provide a quick and simple road marking solution for surveyors, road maintenance workers and utilities engineers. They allow for visible marks, shapes, signs and lines to be made on a range of surfaces, including roads and pavements, as well as other asphalt, concrete and stone surfaces.

ProSolve road marking crayons are hardwearing and waterproof - they can be used for highlighting potholes and divets for repair, identifying underground hazards prior to excavations, making basic signs, arrows and stencils, and much more.

These non-toxic hard road crayons each measure 112mm x 19mm and they are sold in boxes of 12 crayons.

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