Rocol Easyline Edge Line Marking Bundles - with 2 x 750 Millilitres

Save £35.00
  • Easyline Edge Line Marking Applicator
  • 2 x 750ml Rocol Easyline Aerosol Paint
  • Various Colours Available
  • Paints Straight & Curved Lines
  • Line Widths From 50mm to 100mm
  • Suitable for Internal and External Use
  • Battery, Masking Plates & Pointer Included
  • Easy-to-Apply & Touch Dry in 10 Mins

Colour: White
Sale price£320.00ex vat Regular price£355.00ex vat

The Rocol Easyline Edge Line Marking Bundle offers a money-saving package for anyone wanting sharp and long-lasting lines that are easy to apply with no mess, no wastage and dries within just 10 minutes - perfect for warehouses, car parks, playgrounds and more.

This premium aerosol line marking package features the Rocol Easyline Edge Applicator, which is a revolutionary battery-powered line marking aerosol paint applicator that produces lines with widths between 50 and 100mm.

Quick to assemble and simple to use, no additional equipment or knowledge required. Suitable for internal and external use, the battery-powered airflow system produces clear lines while adjustable rear wheels allow line marking close to walls and racks as well as the new feature to paint curved lines.

The Rocol Easyline Edge Applicator comes supplied with a heavy-duty storage case, battery and two sets of masking plates and a pointer guide.

Also included in this great value deal is a box of 2 x 750ml cans of Rocol Easyline Edge Line Marking Paint, which is the world's leading line marking paint aerosol. It lasts at least two times longer than the best competitor when tested with the internationally recognised ASTM D4060 test using a Taber Abraser.

Available in yellow, white, blue, green, green, black, hi-vis, orange and grey, this line marking aerosol paint has the highest paint content per can on the market - around 20 per cent more than the rest.

Health and Safety focused, non-toxic, non-harmful and irritant-free formula, Rocol Easyline edge line marking paint utilises a unique propellant system to give consistent superior quality lines throughout the life of the can.

Download Data Sheet (EASYLINE_EDGE_GB.pdf)

Download Safety Data Sheet (EASYLINE_EDGE_GB_Safety.pdf)

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