Zebra Artificial Grass Line Marking Paint Bundle - 40 Litres of Paint & 10 Litres of Flush Thru

Save £35.00
  • 4 X 10L Zebra Artificial Grass Line Marking Paint
  • 10L Flush Thru Solution
  • Great Value Package Deal
  • For Zebra Line Marking Machines
  • Formulated For Artificial Grass Surfaces
  • Bright, Colourful & Durable Lines
  • Excellent Adhesion & Strong Water Repellency
  • For Marking Pitches on Synthetic Turf, Asto Turf, 3G, 4G & More

Colour: Black
Sale price£520.00ex vat Regular price£555.00ex vat

The Zebra Artificial Grass Line Marking Paint Bundle offers a fantastic cost-effective solution for everything you need to mark out bright, durable and long-lasting lines on artificial grass and synthetic surfaces, such as plastic pitches, astro turf, 3G, 4G & 5G.
This sports pitch line marking paint package features 4 x 10 litre containers of Zebra Artificial Grass Line Marking Paint, which is available in white, yellow, red, blue, orange, green and black.

Boastings deep, rich colours, flawless paint flow, easy application, excellent adhesion to the surface and long-lasting lines, this synthetic grass line marking paint package offers all of the colour options needed to mark out football pitches, American football pitches, rugby pitches, hockey pitches and more on artificial turf surfaces.

It is designed for application with a Zebra Grass Line Marking Machine and it goes much further than many competitor line marking paints, meaning excellent value for money. This synthetic turf line marking paint is ideal for sports centres, schools and sports clubs with artificial grass pitches.

Included in the artificial line marking paint deal is 1 x 10L Zebra Flush Thru, which is a specially formulated biodegradable cleaning solution designed for cleaning out Zebra line marking machine pump systems, nozzles and filters.

Flush Thru must be used at the end of every line marking job to prevent blockages and ensure years of reliable service from your Zebra line marking machine.

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