Zebra Eco Hard Surface Line Marking Machine

  • Compact & Easy To Use: Ideal for amateurs
  • High Pressure Spray System: Consistent paint delivery and excellent coverage over the floor surface
  • Battery Powered: Line Mark for up to 4 hours on a single charge
  • Side Mounted Spray: Mark right up to kerbs & walls without any problems
  • Square Line Marking Discs: For crisp and accurate line edges on hard surfaces
  • Selection of Nozzles: Control the paint flow rate & complete different types of line marking jobs
  • Large Air Filled Tyres: Sturdy & reliable operation
  • Accessories Available: Can be used with a handheld spray lance for freehand marking (available separately)

Sale price£482.00ex vat

Zebra Eco Hard Surface Line Marking Machine

The compact & easy to use line marker

The Zebra Eco Hard Surface Line Marking Machine is a high quality line marker designed for spraying lines on a range of hard surfaces such as concrete and tarmac. This compact line marking spray machine can be used outdoors or indoors, for car park line marking, warehouse line marking, hard surface sports court line marking and much more. This line marking system can be used by anyone to get brilliant results on any hard surface.

High Quality Line Marker Machine

Professional lines for car parks, warehouses, hard courts & more

The Zebra Eco hard surface line marking machine is made in Britain and built to the highest standards. This spray line marking machine features a high pressure pump, powered by a rechargeable battery. The battery provides enough power to line mark for up to 4 hours on a single charge.

The high pressure paint spray, with specially engineered nozzles, ensures consistent paint application for high quality lines on every surface. The paint spray is easily controlled by a simple push button and the square discs situated either side of the nozzle can be adjusted easily to set the width of the lines that you wish to mark. These discs ensure accurate, crisp and precise lines, without overspray.

The side-mounted spray nozzle allows you to mark right up to curbs and walls without an issue. The pump can be primed quickly at the start of the job with the flick of a switch. The pump primer also allows for easy cleaning of the system at the end of the job.

An optional spray lance attachment is also available, which allows for free-hand marking and spraying of stencils, patterns, logos, numbers and letters. It is perfect for numbering bays and spraying signs on to the ground.

Economical Line Marking

Use less paint, get better results!

The Zebra Eco Hard Surface Line Marking machine is designed for use with Zebra Hard Surface Line Marking Paint. The machine, used with the paint and the nozzles that come included with the machine, provide professional line marking results and great value for money.

The line marking spray can be fitted with a choice of different nozzles. Each nozzle is suited to a different application, as each applies a different amount of paint per minute. So whether you are line marking from scratch and need bright, highly visible fresh lines, or whether you want to just give existing lines a quick refresh and therefore do not need to use as much paint, this system provides an effective and efficient solution.

Easy To Use Line Marking System

No mess. No fuss. Ready to go in minutes.

The Zebra range of line marking products has been developed to offer professional line marking results to everyone. No matter your level of experience, you can use the Zebra Eco Hard Surface Line Marking Machine with Zebra Hard Surface Line Marking Paint to mark out your own car park, warehouse floor, sports court and more in no time.

This system requires no mixing of paint and no pouring. Simply give a container of Zebra Hard Surface line Marking Paint a shake, place it on the Eco line marking machine, insert the pump probe into the paint container, prime the pump using the switch at the back of the machine and you are ready to go.

Press the spray switch and walk along at a steady pace, and the machine will spray bright, crisp and clear lines on to the floor surface. The four large wheels keep the machine straight and steady, so getting accurate lines is simple.

Please note: For best results, shake the container of paint before use. At the end of each line marking job, ensure that you clean the Zebra Eco pump system and nozzles with water and Zebra Flush Thru cleaning solution to prevent blockages. A small 1 litre sample of Flush Thru comes included with the machine. Flush Thru can also be purchased separately in 10L bottles. You can also add a set of round discs to your order. These discs make the Zebra Eco machine suitable for line marking on grass surfaces. (Zebra Grass Paint will also be needed to line mark on grass surfaces).

Zebra Eco Machine Dimensions:
Height at the lowest setting: 87 cm
Height at the highest setting: 107 cm
Length at the shortest setting: 84 cm
Length at the Longest setting: 104 cm
Width without the side arm: 47 cm
Width with the side arm: 100 cm
Weight: 20 kg
Warranty: 12 months

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