Zebra Flush Thru Pump & Nozzle Cleaner - 10 Litres

  • Sold in 10 litre containers
  • Effective cleaning solution for Zebra machines
  • Breaks down any paint in the lines, nozzles and filters
  • Prevents blockages & extends life of equipment
  • Use at the end of every line marking job

Sale price£35.00ex vat

Zebra Flush Thru Cleaning Solution

Keep your Zebra line marking system in top condition!

Zebra Flush Thru is a specially formulated biodegradable cleaning solution, designed for cleaning out Zebra line marking machine pump systems, nozzles and filters at the end of a line marking job.

Flush Thru comes in 10 litres containers and it effectively breaks down paint in the lines, in the nozzles and in the filters. It must be used at the end of every line marking job to prevent blockages and ensure years of reliable service from your Zebra line marking machine.

To use Flush Thru cleaning solution, place the container of Flush Thru on the Zebra line marking machine, insert the pump probes into the container, switch the pump on and allow Flush Thru to run through the sprayer for a few seconds. Leave to stand for approximately 5 minutes. Finally flush the pump through with clean water for approximately 1 minute.

To clean the nozzles and filters, place the nozzles and filters into their plastic container and add Flush Thru. Allow the nozzles and filters to soak for a while and then rinse with water.

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