Zebra Handheld Spray Lance With Control Valve & Hose

  • Handheld Spray Lance
  • Comes With Control Valve & Hose
  • Compatible With Any Zebra Line Marker
  • Ideal For Freehand Marking
  • Perfect For Spraying Stencils, Signs & Spots
  • Suitable For Grass, Artificial Grass & Hard Surfaces

Sale price£178.00ex vat

This handheld spray lance is compatible with any Zebra line marking machine.

It is an attachment for the machines that can be used for freehand marking, allowing you to spray signs, stencils, spots and freehand lines on to the ground.

It can be used on grass, artificial grass and hard surfaces.

It can be used during car park line marking jobs to spray arrows for traffic flow or to number parking bays. It can be used on industrial floor line marking jobs to spray safety signs on to the ground or to number pallet bays. It can also be used on sports pitch line marking jobs to spray penalty spots, corner areas and more.

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