Zebra Lux Running Track Line Marking Boom

  • Attachment For Zebra Lux Line Marker
  • Designed For Line Marking Athletics Tracks
  • Allows 3 Lines To Be Sprayed Simultaneously
  • Features Two Spray Heads At Each End
  • Large Air Filled Tyres
  • Adjustable Line Width
  • Suitable For Grass, Artificial & Hard Surfaces

Sale price£365.00ex vat

The Zebra Lux running track marking boom is designed for line marking athletics tracks quickly, conveniently and to a professional standard, using the Zebra Lux line marking machine.

This boom features two large air filled tyres at either end, as well as two spraying heads, with line width discs.

These extras spraying nozzles are designed to work in tandem with the Zebra Lux central spraying head, in order to mark three lines as once alongside each other, creating a running track.

This boom can be used on hard surfaces, artificial surfaces and grass surfaces in order to line mark running tracks and athletics tracks conveniently.

The spray nozzles can be adjusted to alter the width between the lines. The discs around the nozzles can also be adjusted to alter the line width.

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