Zebra Pro Hard Surface Line Marking Conversion Kit

  • Zebra Pro Side Arm Attachment & Square Discs
  • Compatible With The Zebra Pro Line Marker
  • Allows The Spray To Be Side Mounted
  • Provides Crisp Line Edges On Hard Surfaces
  • Converts A Grass Marker For Hard Surface Marking
  • Allows Line Marking Up To Kerbs & Walls
  • Adjustable Discs To Set Line Width

Sale price£82.00ex vat

The Zebra Pro Hard Surface Line Marking Conversion Kit consists of the Zebra Pro side arm attachment and a set of two square line marking discs.

If you have previously purchased a Zebra Pro grass line marker with round discs, you can use this kit to convert your machine for hard surface line marking, on concrete and tarmac surfaces. It is ideal for car park line marking, industrial floor line marking, hard sports court line marking and more. This allows you to get much more use from your Zebra line marker.

The side arm can be fitted to the Zebra Pro line marking machine and allows the paint spray to be mounted to the side of the machine. This setup allows you to line mark right up to kerbs and walls without restriction.

The square discs are installed either side of the spray nozzle (as pictured) on the line marker, in order to provide crisp and clean edges to the lines when line marking on hard surfaces.

The distance between the two discs can be adjusted in order to set your required line width.

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