Aerosol Marking Paints


Aerosol Marking Paints

Mark out highly visible lines on a variety of surfaces

Professional Paint Supplies has wide range of aerosol marking spray paints for sale from trusted brands like Aerosol Solutions, Ampere System, ATAK, Grassline, PlastiKote, Prosolve, Rocol and Tygris.

What is aerosol line marking spray paint? Designed to mark roads and other surfaces quickly, clearly and easily, aerosol marking paint is available in permanent or semi-permanent bold colour pigments that provide vibrant and highly visible marks that should not fade from their original colour.

Whether you need to mark out roads, car parks, warehouses, factories, loading bays and more, aerosol line markers are ideal for a range of indoor and outdoor applications. They are also suitable for drawing out playgrounds, pitches, courts, temporary markings for events, construction, surveys and more.

What is aerosol marking paint used for? Aerosol painting is just one form of line painting. Unlike many traditional rolled and brushed paints, it leaves a smooth, even coat. Standard-sized cans are lightweight, portable, inexpensive and easy to store.

Is aerosol line marking paint permanent? We have acrylic spray paint for permanent line marking and temporary spray paint available, making it easy to mark concrete, metal, wood, grass and more. Aerosol marking paint is easy to apply and is quick drying. It allows you to make your markings and use the area soon after without a long waiting time.

We have a great range of acrylic marking spray paints, which are highly pigmented to produce bright markings that are highly visible and easily identifiable. Durable and providing long-lasting markings in industrial and heavily trafficked areas, this paint is suitable for outdoor spaces with changing weather conditions. You can apply acrylic spray paint free-hand or achieve straight, crisp lines using an applicator or machine for professional results.

Is line marking paint permanent? Our temporary aerosol spray paints produce high pigmented markings but will eventually fade away. They have a lifespan of around four weeks. You can also wash them away sooner if required. Temporary aerosol marking paint is ideal for impromptu demarcations for construction, surveys, events, sports days and more.

We supply aerosol marking paint in many vivid colours, including white, yellow, red, orange, green, black, blue and more. We also have hi-vis paint, including fluorescent pink. The array of colours means the paint is ideal for coded markings, industrial floors and multi-use sports courts. We well our range in packs of 12 aerosol cans ranging from 400ml to 750ml. A single 750ml can will mark out around 100m.

Aerosol Solutions Aerosol Marking Paints: Use freehand, with an applicator or machine, Prosolve Premium Acrylic Line Marker Paint is perfect for indoors and outdoors. Available in many colours and comes in a box of 12 x 750ml spray cans.

Ampere System Aerosol Marking Paints: Hard wearing - even in rainy conditions - Ampere System Traffic Extra Line Marker Paint is Available in yellow or white and comes in a box of 12 x 500ml spray cans.

ATAK Aerosol Marking Paints: Choose from either Atak Traffic Super Stripe Line Marker Paint for hard surfaces or ATAK Athletic Super Stripe Line Marker Paint, which is great for grass or turf. Both come in boxes of 12 x 500ml spray tins.

Grassline Aerosol Marking Paints: For grass surfaces look no further than Grassline Turfmaster Aerosol Line Marking Paint, which contains no CFCs and is free of lead and xylene.

PlastiKote Aerosol Marking Paints: Designed for tough terrain, PlastiKote Upside Down Marking Paint offers a tight spray pattern and will not wash away. Available in white or yellow and comes in boxes of 12 x 750ml spray tins.

Prosolve Aerosol Marking Paints: Choose from a wide range of aerosol marking paints, including temporary line marker, survey paint, stencil spray paint, acrylic line marking paint, high-vis fluorescent marker paint and more.

Rocol Aerosol Marking Paints: Touch dry in just 10 minutes, Rocol Easyline Edge Line Marking Paint Aerosol is easy to apply and contains 20 per cent more paint content. It's non-toxic. Non-harmful and irritant-free. Available in eight colours and sold as individual 750ml spray cans

Tygris Aerosol Marking Paints: With excellent abrasion and chemical resistance, TYGRIS Stripeline Marking Paint is compatible with most applicators but also easy to apply by hand. Available in seven colours and comes in boxes of 12 x 750ml spray tins.

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