Line Marking

Prosolve Walking Man Stencil
Prosolve Prosolve Walking Man Stencil
Sale priceFrom £29.00ex vat
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Disable Stencil - 24"
Prosolve Disable Stencil - 24"
Sale price£74.00
Disable Stencil - 12"
Prosolve Disable Stencil - 12"
Sale price£55.00
90° Arrow Stencil - 12"
90° Arrow Stencil - 6"
24" Straight Arrow Stencil
12" Straight Arrow Stencil
12" Stencil Kit A-Z
Prosolve 12" Stencil Kit A-Z
Sale price£131.00
12" Stencil Kit 0-9
Prosolve 12" Stencil Kit 0-9
Sale price£32.00
6" Straight Arrow Stencil
6" Stencil Kit A-Z
Prosolve 6" Stencil Kit A-Z
Sale price£74.00
6" Stencil Kit 0-9
Prosolve 6" Stencil Kit 0-9
Sale price£39.00
4" Stencil Kit A-Z
Prosolve 4" Stencil Kit A-Z
Sale price£64.00

Line Marking

Line marker paints & machines suitable for any surface or budget

Painting bright, colourful and precise lines on the ground is a breeze with the right equipment. Our range of line marking paints and applicators allows you to create high quality lines on the ground quickly and easily. Whether you are a professional contractor or an amateur DIY user, there is the ideal solution for you in our line marking range.

Line Marking Paint

Our range of line marking paints offers an option for any surface or budget. Whether you are a contractor completing large professional car park line marking jobs, or a community centre looking for a quick and cost-effective way of painting football pitch lines, we can supply a suitable line marking paint.

Our hard surface line marking paints can be used indoors and outdoors on concrete, asphalt and tarmac. Whether you are looking to line mark car parks, industrial floors or hard surface pitches & courts, we can provide a suitable paint. Our range includes professional paints, such as Prosolve Chlorinated Rubber Paint, as well as great value Acrylic Line Marking Spray Paints, for more DIY applications.

Our range of grass line marking paints is ideal for painting football pitches, rugby pitches, tennis courts, running tracks and more on grass surfaces. Whether you are a professional sports club, school or kids club, we have everything you need to paint sports pitches on grass fields.

If you have an artificial pitch, such as Astro Turf or 3G, it is important to use suitable paints when line marking pitches and courts, to ensure high quality lines and prevent damage to the pitch surface. Our range of artificial grass line marking paints offers professional standard paints from top brands like Grassline and Zebra. Available in a wide range of colours, these line marking paints offer bright, long lasting lines on artificial grass pitches.

Line Marking Machines

Whether you are a line marking contractor looking for a professional line marking machine, or a DIY user looking for a simple and cost-effective line marker for a one-off event, we can supply a suitable machine for the job. Our range of line marking machines and applicators offers something for every application – on hard surfaces, grass or artificial grass.

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