Anti Slip Floor Paint


Anti-Slip Floor Paints

Prevent slips, trips & falls by making surfaces safe

Professional Paint Supplies has a fantastic range of anti-slip floor paints from market-leading manufactures like Flag and Coo-Var.

Ensuring that floors or other surfaces have enough grip for people to walk safely in all conditions, whether wet or dry, is not just important, it is also a legal requirement in the UK.

That is why anti-slip paints are widely used in areas such as warehouses, gyms, workplaces, public thoroughfares, hospitals, schools and any other environments where people pass through.

One of the best ways to create a non-skid surface in commercial, industrial and public facing environments is using anti-slip floor paints. Not only are these specialist coatings suitable for a wide range of floor surfaces and substrates, but they also meet health and safety requirements for anti-slip workplace flooring, as well as stairs, mezzanines, ramps and walkways.

Anti-slip paint, non-slip paint, anti-slip coatings, exterior floor paint and non-slip coatings are among many treatments that can be used to make surfaces safe for vehicles, pedestrians and workers. Whether you need to treat interior or exterior wood, metal, concrete or asphalt, we have a range of cost-effective anti-slip floor paints in our collection to help.

Coo-Var: Choose between Coo-Var Suregrip Anti-Slip Floor Paint, which is a single pack aggregated floor paint, or Coo-Var Anti-Slip Acrylic Floor Paint, which is low odour and fast drying.

Flag: Made in the UK, Flag Anti Slip PU Floor Paint is an anti-slip polyurethane paint that is ideal for walkways, factories and garage floors. Another great option is Flag Heavy Duty Elastomeric Floor Coating, which is made up of a blend of thermo-acrylic and polyurethane resins.

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