Who are Sikkens?

Sikkens have been around since 1792. The company is named for the founder Wiert Willem Sikkens. Founded in the Dutch city of Groningen, the company has now grown to a huge international business based in Amsterdam.

Right from the outset, the company has had a strong focus on innovation and producing specialist technical products, quickly moving into joinery, aerospace, and automotive coatings.

That means when you buy a Sikkens wood product, you're buying a tried and tested product with a century of know-how behind it.

Product Range

Sikkens concentrate heavily on wood products and their Cetol range is at the heart of that range.

Sikkens Cetol THB is designed to be used as a topcoat on interior and exterior wood, and offer 3-4 years of protection.

Cetol Filter 7 is designed to be applied as a long-lasting, durable topcoat.

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