Surface Protection

Prosolve Hard Surface Protector Film
Prosolve Prosolve Hard Surface Protector Film
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Prosolve All Weather Tarpaulins
Prosolve Prosolve All Weather Tarpaulins
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Surface Protection

Whether painting indoors or outdoors, protecting surfaces from unwanted paint is essential for doing a tidy job.

Two key products we offer are Protection Film which applies to carpets or hard surfaces like tiles or wood.

Carpet Protector Film is also useful for protecting carpet from excess wear, or even for storage purposes as well.

This versatile product isn't just useful for painting of course - anything likely to produce a lot of mess would benefit, and it's economical enough that you can get it in for events to protect carpets.

We also carry a range of waterproof tarpaulins. These things also have a million uses and are ideal for use while using our range of paint sprayers.

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