Fluorescent & Hi-Vis Paints

Coo-Var Glocote Fluorescent PaintCoo-Var Glocote Fluorescent Paint
Coo-Var Coo-Var Glocote Fluorescent Paint
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Coo-Var Glocote Foundation Base
Coo-Var Coo-Var Glocote Foundation Base
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Coo-Var Glocote Clear Protective
Coo-Var Coo-Var Glocote Clear Protective
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Fluorescent & Hi-Vis Paints

Improve safety & visibility with our range of fluorescent & hi-vis paints

Professional Paint Supplies stocks the best fluorescent and hi-vis paints in a range of colours and sizes from trusted brands such as Coo-Var and Prosolve.

Most people will be familiar with fluorescence when they use highlighter pens to mark their reports. It is the same principle that makes glocote fluorescent paints perfect for marking equipment, doorways, exits and other areas for safety or directional purposes.

Glocote fluorescent paint is generally used alongside high visibility signs, striped hazard tape, high visibility fabric and general high visibility safety equipment. This specialist paint is highly visible day time coating or when used under lights at night.

Coo-Var Glocote Fluorescent Paint is ideal on skips, bollards, bicycles, fishing floats, ships, bridges and more to identify any hazardous object. Used by sign writers, stage crews and artists.

Before applying, you will need to use Coo-Var Glocote Foundation Base. This high-density white base coat helps increase the visibility and is essential for the visibility of Coo-Var Glocote Fluorescent Paint.

Coo-Var Glocote Protective is a clear glaze that can be used to protect the exterior performance and prolong the colour retention of Coo-Var Glocote Fluorescent Paint. Suitable for wood, metal and masonry, Coo-Var Glocote Clear Protective provides a clear glaze to protect fluorescent paint and other compatible products from weathering.

Hi-vis paint produces high-quality fluorescent marks and lines on a range of surfaces. Perfect for marking floors, walls, signs and objects, fluorescent spray paint can be used in forestry, site work, surveys and for a range of other applications where brighter fluorescent paint is required.

An extremely versatile marking spray paint, high-vis fluorescent paint can be applied to a huge variety of surfaces. Simply by pressing the nozzle, you can make marks, lines, shapes, curves, patterns and signs on the ground, and spray stakes and fencing pins for surveys.

Prosolve Hi-Vis Fluorescent Marker Paint is available in a range of colours, for a variety of different applications - including white, yellow, red, orange, green, black, blue and pink. Comes in boxes of 12 x 750ml spray tins.

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