Fence & Shed Paints

Rustins Quick Dry Shed & Fence ClearRustins Quick Dry Shed & Fence Clear
Rustins Rustins Quick Dry Shed & Fence Clear
Sale priceFrom £21.00ex vat
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Rustins Advanced Wood PreserverRustins Advanced Wood Preserver
Rustins Rustins Advanced Wood Preserver
Sale priceFrom £27.00ex vat
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Rustins Quick Dry Aluminium PaintRustins Quick Dry Aluminium Paint
Rustins Rustins Quick Dry Aluminium Paint
Sale priceFrom £40.00ex vat
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Fence & Shed Paints

Protect & extend the lifespan of wooden structures

Professional Paint Supplies has a fantastic range of the very best fence and shed paints available from trusted British manufacturer Rustins.

Shed paint and fence paint are used to both protect and preserve wood. These specialist paints act as a long-lasting treatment that helps prevent rotting and extends the lifespan of these wooden structures.

Fence stain is best applied with either traditional tools or with a dedicated sprayer. When choosing the preferred method of application, be sure to select the best type of shed or fence treatment for the job, as some are specifically for fence spraying only.

Spruce up your garden by adding a lick of shed or fence paint from our collection. Care and protect your timber from rain and wind using our handpicked selection that includes Rustins Advanced Wood Preserver and touch up external wood, metal and plaster with Rustins Quick Dry Aluminium Paint.

Our shed and fence garden paint withstands the weather, so you can rest assured your perfect finish will keep going for years to come. Choose a two-coat fence paint like Rustins Quick Dry Shed & Fence Clear to get the job done faster or Rustins Garden Paint for wood treatment with a choice of six colours.

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