Extension Ladders

Extension Ladders

What is an Extension Ladder?

An Extension Ladder is a ladder with several sections that can be locked together to let you work at different heights.

Extension Ladders usually have 2- or 3- sections, allowing you to work at a range of heights like 10 feet, 20 feet, up to around 30 feet.

What Makes a Good Extension Ladder?

Aluminium is a great material for ladders of all kinds, as it is strong, lightweight, and rigid.

Once you're up a ladder, the last thing you want is for it to have any flex.

Build quality is very important too. If you're 30 feet up a Zarges Everest 3DE you can be happy in the knowledge that as a German manufacturer Zarges have had to meet stringent safety standards like DIN EN 131.

Do I Need a 2- or 3-Section Extension Ladder?

What kind of extension ladder you buy really depends on the height you need.

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