Liquid Driers

Coo-Var Terebine Liquid Driers - 6 x 500 Millilitres
Rustins Paint Dryers

Liquid Driers

What are Liquid Driers?

Liquid Driers, also known as Terebine/Terebene are solvent-based paint additives that can be used with oil and alkyd based paints to speed up drying times.

When used correctly, with the right kind of paint, they can reduce drying rates by a minimum of 10%.

Can Liquid Drier Revive Old Paint?

If you've had old paint or varnish sat on a shelf for a while and it's started to dry very slowly, liquid driers can be the answer to giving them a new lease of life.

What Kind of Paints Can I Use Liquid Driers With?

Liquid Driers are only recommended for some kinds of paint. Check the manufacturer's recommendations for the specific product you are looking at.

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