Wood Repair

Toupret Wood Filler - 1.25kgToupret Wood Filler - 1.25kg
Toupret Fast Drying Wood Repair - 1kg
Rustins Ring Remover 125ml
Rustins Professional Wood FillerRustins Professional Wood Filler
Rustins Rustins Professional Wood Filler
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Wood Repair

Bring back damaged wood back to life

Professional Paint Supplies has the best wood hardener, filler and ring remover available from leading brands including Rustins, Toupret and Zinsser.

Our range of wood repair fillers and hardners help repair small imperfections on a variety of different surfaces. They are suitable for both domestic and professional use. Once dried, they can be sanded down to a smooth finish.

We have a wide selection of wood repair products, including ready-mixed, multi-purpose and quick drying. Most can be easily applied using a knife or spreader.

Known as plastic wood, the substance is used to fill imperfections or nail holes prior to finishing. Often made of wood dust and a binder, it is essential to prepare the area you are looking to fill first, sanding inside of the area if possible and then removing any dust.

Use a putty knife to apply the filler, filling the hole completely and then smooth off with the knife. The surface can then be sanded and depending on the colour you have applied, you may wish to paint or stain it once its dried.

Rustins Wood Repair: For wood, metal, concrete and fibreglass, Rustins Professional Wood Filler is fast-drying and easy to sand. Rustins Ring Remover will also get rid of water and heat mark damage.

Toupret Wood Repair: Ranging from Toupret Wood Filler to Toupret Wood Hardener, Toupret has a wide range of fillers for a variety of different surfaces such as wood, masonry and plasterboard.

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