Fire Retardant Paints & Intumescent Coatings

Fire Retardant Paints & Intumescent Coatings

Protect your premises against fire risks

Professional Paint Supplies has an extensive range of fire-retardant paints and intumescent coatings from leading manufacturer Sherwin-Williams.

Fire retardant paints are best used in industrial spaces, public buildings and facilities or on new builds, while intumescent coatings are an increasingly popular way of providing passive fire protection to the load-bearing structures - especially structural steel.

Often referred to as intumescent paint, intumescent coatings are some of the easiest and most efficient ways to protect load-bearing elements of buildings against fire. Intumescent coatings delay the collapse of the structure through insulating the structural elements - columns, beams, floors and roofs - that support the building.

Whether you are looking to comply with safety legislation for your building or just want to make sure your home, café, restaurant, hotel, guesthouse, warehouse or office has an extra layer of fire protection, it is important to make sure that you have had an appropriate fire risk assessment.

Once this is done, you will know the kind of measures you need to take. From building with specific materials, installing fire extinguishers, installing or upgrading doors to fire doors, choosing the appropriate intumescent paint to making sure you have fire retardant curtains, furnishings and fabrics inside.

Fire protection does not have to be hard work. That is why we supply a wide range of fire resistant products that can be used in both domestic, commercial and public properties.

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