Loft Ladders


Loft Ladders

What is a Loft-Ladder?

A loft ladder is a permanently fixed ladder that mounts into the hatch.

You replace the simple hatch with a loft hatch with ladder.

If you need to regularly get up into your loft space this is a much better option than even the best ladder, removing a lot of hassle from getting in and out.

What are the pros and cons of Aluminium Loft Ladders?

Aluminium is a great metal. While not quite as strong as wood, it is incredibly lightweight. This means that less effort is required to lift it into and out of position.

Are Zarges loft ladders any good?

As a German manufacturer, Zarges have to meet incredibly exacting German safety standards. Their industrial and trade ladders are trusted the world over, so you can rest assured that their Loftmaster ladders are the business too.

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