Blackboard & Chalkboard Paints

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Flag Blackboard Paint - Matt Black
Flag Flag Blackboard Paint - Matt Black
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Rustins Quick Dry Blackboard PaintRustins Quick Dry Blackboard Paint
Rustins Rustins Quick Dry Blackboard Paint
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Blackboard & Chalkboard Paints

Turns cleans surfaces into a creative slate

Professional Paint Supplies has a great selection of blackboard and chalkboard paints from leading brands like Flag and Rustins. Blackboard and chalkboard paint allow you to turn any clean surface into a writing slate or drawing pad for conventional chalk sticks and chalk markers.

These specialist paints are ideal for creating photographic backdrop, displaying tasks or other project ideas. Suitable for wood and metal, these creative paints are also ideal for coating or re-coating traditional blackboards and pin boards. Blackboard and chalkboard paint can be applied to interior surfaces such as walls, tables, doors and kitchen cabinets for conveniently placed notice areas or for children to play and learn.

Flag: Made in the UK, Flag Blackboard Paint is solvent-based and is touch-dry in four hours.

Rustins: Suitable for almost any surface, interior or exterior, Rustins Quick Dry Blackboard Paint is quick and easy to apply.

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