Sherwin Williams



Company History

The Sherwin-Williams Company was founded in 1866, in Cleveland, Ohio. Since then they grown almost continuously, expanding into a huge range of industries and countries, now having offices in over 120 countries.

Their UK operation focuses on high-performance industrial coatings and fire-proof paints.

Product Range

Sherwin-Williams floor coatings range focuses on high-performance paint systems for applications that have to meet exacting standards.

Resucoat HB

Sherwin-Williams Resucoat HB is a high-performance resin flooring system recommended for a variety of demanding applications from aerospace, to factories, and more. Slip-resistant, colour stable, and - when treated with Resutop - resistant to chemical spills, it is suitable for the most demanding applications.

Acrolon 7300

Sherwin-Williams also make an extensive range of fireproof paints. Acrolon 7300 is designed for use a topcoat on steel structures like containers, bridges, conveyors, offshore platforms, and more.

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