Floor Primers

Concrete Floor Primers

Prepare, strengthen and dustproof concrete floors

Professional Paint Supplies has a wide range of concrete floor primers from trusted manufacturers like Coo-Var, Prosolve and Sherwin-Williams. Prepare, strengthen and dustproof concrete floor surfaces with single pack or two component products from our wide range of floor primers and sealers for interior and exterior projects.

Designed to coat, seal, prime and protect concrete floors in demanding industrial and commercial spaces, these specialist primers are ideal for garages, warehouses and more.
High-quality floor primers help clean the surface before being absorbed into the concrete floor, protecting the surface and preventing the ingress of liquid and dust. It leaves the perfect surface for a coat of floor paint. It can also be used on brick, plaster and screeded surfaces to protect and ease cleaning.

Ensure maximum adhesion and optimum coverage with our professional grade concrete floor primers or keep the look of your floor with our clear concrete sealers. For saving time and costs in stabilising, binding and sealing porous floor substrates, we have a selection of professional-grade floor primers and sealers suitable for both commercial and industrial purposes. These include heavy-use concrete floor sealers for factory and warehouse locations, where durability for extended periods of time is essential.

In waterproofing, binding and sealing freshly laid, renovated or repaired concrete flooring, the problems associated with concrete dust are immediately removed and any potential staining or discolouration from oils, fatty substances, grease, cleaning chemicals or UV exposure can be protected against.

Coo-Var Floor Primers: Suitable for concrete surfaces, Coo-Var Power Floated Floor Primer is a water-based and solvent-free epoxy two-pack primer that is low in odour and has a fast-drying time.

Prosolve Floor Primers: Ideal for garages, warehouses and more, Prosolve Prime & Seal - Industrial Floor Primer & Sealer is solvent-free and extremely durable.

Sherwin-Williams Floor Primers: Easy to apply, Sherwin-Williams Floorcoating Resustat CP 5 is a two-pack low viscosity epoxy primer that contains a unique blend of resin and conductive fillers that create a resilient and attractive industrial floor.
It is ideal for priming concrete and other substrates prior to the application of Resustat industrial resin flooring systems.

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