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Zarges Industrial Roof Ladder
Zarges Zarges Industrial Roof Ladder
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What is a Roof Ladder?

A Roof Ladder, also known as a Cat Ladder is a specialist ladder with hooks on the end that attach to the peak of a roof. This then gives you a stable platform to work from.

Roof Ladders will also have spreader bars to spread the weight out over the surface of the roof, important for protecting the roof.

Wheels will help you slide the ladder up into position.

The Roof Ladder is generally a section of ladder you use alongside another ladder.

Do I need a Roof Ladder?

If you're working on a roof, there's really no substitute for being able to safely climb up and down. Roof Ladders are designed to spread weight out over a wider surface which avoids damaging tiles too.

What is a good Roof Ladder?

Aluminium is the ideal material for a Roof Ladder being strong and lightweight. All the Roof Ladders we stock are top-quality, and light-weight.

We only stock high-quality products like Zarges Roof Ladders.

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