Fire Retardant Wall & Ceiling Paints

Fire Retardant Wall & Ceiling Paints

Create a low surface spread of flames

Professional Paint Supplies has one of the best ranges of fire-retardant wall and ceiling paints available from leading manufacturer Sherwin-Williams.

Fire risks will always be a concern no matter the type of building, but the application of our flame-resistant coatings and paints helps create a low surface spread of flames on all walls and ceilings.

Fire retardant paints have a specialised compound that helps to protect walls and ceilings from fire and high temperatures by controlling the spread of flames. It forms a film that insulates walls and ceilings, preserving the surface from damage and deformation.

It is not always easy to completely fireproof certain environments, but you can help keep your building as safe as possible in the event of a fire with the application of our fire-retardant coatings. These fire-resistant wall and ceiling paints come in a range of different colours and are as easy to apply as other conventional paints while providing a high quality yet durable finish.

Sherwin-Williams Fire Paint Firetex C69 Primer: This two-pack epoxy, fast-track blast primer has been designed for use under Firetex intumescent coatings and surfaces prepared by abrasive blast cleaning.

Sherwin-Williams Fire Paint Firetex M71v2 Topcoat: This decorative sheen topcoat is designed for use over intumescent primers in internal environments and is available in 16 colours.

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