Aerosol Spray Paints


Aerosol Spray Paints

Create smooth, even coats with aerosol painting

Professional Paint Supplies has an excellent range of aerosol spray paints available from well-known manufacturers like Aerosol Solutions, Coo-Var, PlastiKote, Prosolve, Rustins and Tygris.

What is aerosol spray paint used for? Aerosol painting is one form of spray painting. Unlike many traditional rolled and brushed paints, it leaves a smooth, even coat. Standard-sized cans are lightweight, portable, inexpensive and easy to store. Plus, aerosol primers can be applied directly to bare metal and many plastics - making the spray paint you apply look even more professional.

Aerosol spray paints are ideal for use on various surfaces and are available in a selection of vibrant colours. Whether you need a stencil spray paint, galvanising spray, masking paint, heat resistant spray, primer spray or bright gold spray paint, we have a wide choice of colours and sizes to choose from no matter the application or surface.

High-quality spray paint comes in many different colours and finishes, such as silver, gold or gloss and matt. These types of aerosol spray paints are used in many different industries, including automotive, industrial and construction.

What is the best aerosol spray paint? That all depends on a number of factors, such as what it is to be used for, what surface you intend to apply it to and how long you need it to remain.

For example, stencil spray paint is specifically designed for stencilling high quality, highly visible signs. This makes it ideal for marking a range of indoor and outdoor surfaces. It also produces a bright, hard wearing and highly visible finish that will not wash away in the rain or damage the surface.

Other aerosol spray paints like silver zinc galvanising spray bring new life to your surfaces. It is the perfect for production, maintenance and construction industries. Tough and quick-drying, zinc galvanising spray offers fantastic protection to bare metals and galvanised surfaces.

Masking spray is the ideal temporary paint solution for covering up signage on roads, building sites and private property. Easy to apply and hardwearing, masking spray is fully resistant to all weather conditions but can easily be wiped off with a dry cloth, returning the signage back to its former state in seconds.

Primer spray is an all-purpose, high-quality acrylic aerosol primer that can be used on interior or exterior surfaces such as ceramics, wood, MDF, prepared plastics and much more.

Heat resistant spray paint offers up to 600°C of protection. Ideal for exhaust manifolds, downpipes, engine rocker covers, wood burners, stoves and other high-temperature applications.

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