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FlexiStripe Line Marking Tape
Flexistripe FlexiStripe Line Marking Tape
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Line Marking Tape

When would I use Line Marking Tape instead of Line Marking Paint?

Line Marking Paint is many circumstances the first choice for making long-lasting professional-quality lines.

It's not always the ideal solution though.

Line Marking Paint tends to require a drying time which will run into days for passing wheeled traffic over the paint.

If you're using a machine, there are also time overheads in terms of setting up and cleaning. These only go up as you add more colours to the pattern of lines you want to set down.

There is also removal to consider. Removing painted lines can cause damage to the surface.

Line Marking Tape gets around these issues quite neatly.

Once it's down, it's down. No drying times.

It is also very easy to quickly set out complex patterns of lines and adding colours is as easy as picking up a different bit of tape.

Removal is similarly much easier.

Is Line Marking Tape as Durable as Line Marking Paint?

In many cases no, but it is very durable. Different products have different ratings for traffic, but many are suitable for wheeled traffic.

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