Rocol Safe Step Anti-Slip Step Marking Spray Paint - 400ml


Who are Rocol?

Rocol were founded in Leeds, in 1878, when Victor Ivanovitch Ragosine developed his first product - a non-corrosive lubricating oil. In 1882 he was bought out and the company that later became Rocol was founded.

What do Rocol Make?

Rocol make a huge range of paints, lubricants, and other products across a wide range of industries. We carry their well known Easyline range of paints and applicators. The Rocol Easyline system is a very easy to use range of long-lasting epoxy-based aerosol paints and a convenient, clean, easy to use wheeled applicator for line marking on flat surfaces along with a hand-held applicator for those tough to reach spots.

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