Wallpaper Strippers

Wagner SteamForce Wallpaper Stripper 2000W 240VWagner SteamForce Wallpaper Stripper 2000W 240V
Wagner SteamForce Plus Wallpaper Stripper 2000W 240VWagner SteamForce Plus Wallpaper Stripper 2000W 240V
Zinsser Triple Head Paper Tiger

Wallpaper Strippers

What's the Difference Between Chemical Wallpaper Stripper and Wallpaper Steamers?

We offer both wallpaper stripping chemicals and wallpaper steamers. Both have their pros and cons.

Wallpaper Steamers

Wallpaper Steamers from the likes of Wagner do as you'd expect - they heat up water and apply steam to the wallpaper which then makes it easier to remove.

Because you're only using water it's all very environmentally friendly and safe.

The only real downsides are not all surfaces are suitable for steaming, and chemicals are cheaper - although you can get good entry-level steamers for very affordable prices.

Chemical Wallpaper Stripper

Chemical Wallpaper Strippers are designed to soak through the paper and dissolve the paste underneath.

Depending on the type of paper you may want to use a paper tiger which is a tool designed to score holes in the paper.

Once applied, the chemical dissolves the paste holding the wallpaper on.

You let it do its work, then scrape the wallpaper off. How well this process works probably depends a lot on the solution you are using. Zinsser's DIF with its enzymes does a great job of leaving you with a clean surface without damaging anything.

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