Fire Retardant Steel & Iron Paints

Fire Retardant Steel & Iron Paints

Safeguard structures from the risk of steel & iron failure due to fire

Professional Paint Supplies has an excellent range of the best fire-retardant steel and iron paints for sale from market-leading brand Sherwin-Williams.

Steel structures are lightweight and have a high load-bearing capacity, which makes the material the ideal choice for the construction of air terminals, stadiums, office buildings and more.

Although metal frames do not burn, they lose strength and resistance to mechanical stress under the influence of high temperatures. Therefore architects and construction companies use fire retardant steel and iron paints - better known as 'intumescent paint' - as it significantly reduces the risks of negative fire consequences and provides additional protection for the structure.

Fire risks will always be a concern no matter what type of building you are in. There are a lot of aspects within a building that can be counted as being a fire risk, but the application of our flame-resistant coatings and paints can help give you some piece of mind that any metal structures can be protected and will maintain their stability.

Our collection of fire-retardant steel and iron paints features a wide choice of products to choose from when it comes to flame resistant coatings for metals. We stock only high-quality fire intumescent paint suitable for industrial, commercial and residential premises.

These coatings can be for both internal and external metals, such as steel building construction. Our great range of flame-resistant surface coatings provide the metal surface with a protective layer expanding with the heat from a fire which therefore protects the material below to maintain the structural stability of a metal building if there was to be a fire.

All available products are certified, capable of protecting steel, structural steel and cast-iron structures. We have sourced from only the very best manufacturers in the industry to ensure a high-quality product that provides a fantastic safety factor in the event of a fire.

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