Maintenance Sprays

Prosolve Maintenance Spray - 12 x 500ml
ProSolve Tar & Bitumen Remover Spray (12x 500ml Cans)
Prosolve White Grease Aerosol - 12 x 500ml
Prosolve Bitumen Cold Joint Sealer Spray - 12 x 750ml
Premium Belt Dressing Spray (12x 500ml Cans)
Premium Anti-Static Spray (12x 400ml Cans)
TYGRIS Heavy Duty Zinc Galve Spray - Box of 12
TYGRIS Bright Zinc Galve Spray -Box of 12
PRECISION Green Mould Protector - Box of 12
PRECISION De-Watering, Anti-Rust Tool Protector - Box of 12
PRECISION Clear Mould Protector - 400ml - Box of 12

Maintenance Sprays

What Kind of Maintenance Sprays do you offer?

We offer products from many specialist suppliers of sprays for the industrial market. In addition to their paints and primers, many also offer a range of maintenance sprays. These range from general purpose products like white grease and anti-corrosion sprays through to more specific products like belt dressing or galve spray.

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