Wooden Floor Finishes

Flag Aqualac PU Wood Laquer 5LFlag Aqualac PU Wood Lacquer 5L
Flag Flag Aqualac PU Wood Lacquer 5L
Sale priceFrom £37.00ex vat
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Rustins Polyurethane Floor Seal SatinRustins Polyurethane Floor Seal Satin
Rustins Rustins Polyurethane Floor Seal Satin
Sale priceFrom £35.00ex vat
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Rustins Polyurethane Floor Seal GlossRustins Polyurethane Floor Seal Gloss
Rustins Rustins Polyurethane Floor Seal Gloss
Sale priceFrom £35.00ex vat
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Coo-Var P101 2 Pack Polyurethane Varnish 5 Litres
Coo-Var Acrylic Floor PaintCoo-Var Acrylic Floor Paint
Coo-Var Coo-Var Acrylic Floor Paint
Sale priceFrom £109.80ex vat
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Rustins Plastic Floor CoatingRustins Plastic Floor Coating
Rustins Rustins Plastic Floor Coating
Sale priceFrom £73.00ex vat
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Rustins Plastic Coating & Hardener GlossRustins Plastic Coating & Hardener Gloss
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Rustins Advanced Wood PreserverRustins Advanced Wood Preserver
Rustins Rustins Advanced Wood Preserver
Sale priceFrom £27.00ex vat
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Rustins Quick Dry Floor VarnishRustins Quick Dry Floor Varnish
Rustins Rustins Quick Dry Floor Varnish
Sale priceFrom £36.00ex vat
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Rustins Floor OilRustins Floor Oil
Rustins Rustins Floor Oil
Sale priceFrom £48.00ex vat
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Wooden Floor Finishes

Clean, rejuvenate, restore & maintain wooden floors

Professional Paint Supplies has one of the best ranges of finishes for wooden floors available for sale from leading manufacturers such as Coo-Var, Flag and Rustins.

Whether you have softwood, hardwood, engineered, parquet or solid wooden flooring, our handpicked collection of flooring oils, floor varnishes, floor stains, floor sealers or more will keep your wooden floors in tip-top condition and looking great.

Typically, new wood floors are pre-finished and this helps protect the wood and provides additional aesthetic benefits. Most have a matte, gloss, satin, semi-gloss or lacquered finish.

One of the biggest advantages of having a matte finish on your hardwood floors is the durability and ease of maintenance. Scuffs and scratches are not as visible on a matte finish, so if you have pets, children or a lot of traffic in a particular space, then a matte finish will help to hide any flaws. It also means that you will have to clean the floor as often, nor will it need refinishing as regularly.

Glossy wood floors are usually found in commercial spaces, such as gyms, sports halls, schools and large offices. This is probably because high gloss finishes come with a lot of maintenance work. They reflect a lot of light, which means every little speck of dust or imperfection will be visible. Plus, glossy wood floors require regular cleaning, refinishing and sanding.

That aside, one of the main benefits of a high gloss finish is when used in a space that does not have a lot of access to natural light, it can really help to maximise any of the light that it does receive. This helps create a brighter room and the feeling of more space and light, even in smaller, darker rooms.

One of the best middle grounds between a gloss and matte finish for wooden floors is a satin finish. Not only does it have more shine than matte, but it is not as intense as gloss. Satin does not require as much maintenance as a gloss finish and tends to look newer for longer, but still has a nice, stylish sheen.

Semi-gloss is slap bang in the middle of satin and high gloss in terms of lustre levels. It has a little more shine than satin and does require more maintenance, but it is not as impractical as high gloss. This is ideal if you are not too concerned with your wood floors looking natural and do not mind the extra bit of maintenance.

Lacquer is a clear, or coloured, varnish that is applied to wood flooring. It dries to produce a hard, durable finish that sits on the surface of the floorboards. Not only does this provide an added layer of protection, but this type of floor finish can help the wood become water resistant. The only downside is that the layer will get worn away over time, which means that the bare wood will become exposed and the floor will require refinishing on a regular basis.

Alternatively, you could apply an oil finish to your wood flooring, which provides surface protection and penetrates deep into the wood, protecting the boards and giving them moisture resistance. Much like lacquer, oil finishes are a modern-day equivalent to a floor wax. They are extremely versatile and can come clear, coloured and in any sheen level.


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