Fire Retardant Wood Paints


Fire Retardant Wood Paints

Durable fire-resistant finishes suitable for all timber types

Professional Paint Supplies has some of the best fire-retardant wood paints to thermally insulate structural and non-structural timber. These intumescent paints help slow down the spread of fire and stop premature collapse of the building.

Suitable for most types of wood and timber, these specialist fire retardant paints utilise thin film intumescent technology to give a highly decorative finish. This slows down the timber charring rate and increases the burn through time, so that the timbers do not burn away too quickly leading to premature failure.

How does fire retardant wood paint work? These specialist paints are what is commonly referred to as 'reactive paints'. When the paint is subjected to heat exceeding 120°C, the paint will swell up to 50 times the thickness of the paint and form a layer that thermally insulates the timber substrate.

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