Anti Graffiti Paints

Coo-Var Water Based Anti-Graffiti Coating - Complete Kit
Coo-Var Sealer Coat For GP101 2.5 Litres
Coo-Var P101 2 Pack Anti-Graffiti Coating
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Coo-Var Anti-Graffiti Brushwash 1 Litre

Anti-Graffiti Paints

Protect surfaces from unwanted graffiti & flyposting

Professional Paint Supplies has a fantastic selection of anti-graffiti paints available from well-known manufacturer, Coo-Var.

Anti-graffiti coatings are preventative paints that work to stop inks, aerosols and other markings bonding to the surface. Often referred to as 'anti-vandal paints', these anti-graffiti products can be used internally and externally on a wide range of different surfaces, including previously painted surfaces, bare surfaces, smooth surfaces like metal and plastic, porous surfaces like brick and stonework.

These specialist paints are a great way of protecting various surfaces from graffiti or unwanted flyposting. Removing unwanted writing or drawings costs millions of pounds every year. Sadly, it is unlikely that it will stop any time soon, but we can help you prevent any damage with our range of anti-graffiti coatings, paints, products and kits.

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