Artificial Grass Line Marking Paints


Artificial Grass Line Marking Paints

Mark out bright & durable lines on all types of artificial grass sports surfaces

Professional Paint Supplies can supply professional standard sports pitch line marking paint for artificial grass line marking. We have a wide range of colours available, so you can mark all the different sports pitches you need with either regular and temporary paints available.

Artificial turf sports pitches provide easy to maintain, safe, all-weather surfaces for playing a range of sports all year round, including football, rugby, hockey and American football. They are extremely popular in schools, leisure centres and sports clubs. No matter the type of synthetic surface, it is important to use high quality, specially designed line marking paints to mark out the pitches you need.

Zebra Artificial Grass Line Marking Paint is a specially formulated solution designed specifically for use on synthetic pitches. It does not damage the surface and can be applied by hand using a paint brush or roller. Available in a selection of bright colours, this sports pitch line marking paint offers excellent adhesion to Astroturf and artificial surfaces, along with strong water repellence. For best results, apply it with a Zebra line marking machine.

Zebra Temporary Line Marking Paint is perfect for short-term line marking applications on artificial surfaces. It can be diluted to the required ratio for your application, sprayed on to the artificial grass pitch using a Zebra line marking machine and then removed with a pressure washer or water and a stiff brush when needed. This makes Zebra temporary paint ideal for events, leisure centres, schools and sports clubs that need to change up their pitches quickly and easily.

Our temporary line marking spray paint offers a convenient line marking option that can be applied by hand or using an aerosol line marking applicator when marking out pitches and other sports courts on synthetic grass surfaces.

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