Sherwin-Williams Fire Paint Firetex FX1003 20 Litres

  • Solvent-based Intumescent Coating
  • Designed for Structural Steelwork
  • Provides Up to 120 Minutes Fire Resistance
  • Highly Competitive Loadings
  • Easy Application Properties
  • Can Be Exposed to Weather for Six Months
  • Topseal Is Not Required in an Internal Situation

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FIRETEX FX1003 is a single pack thin film intumescent coating.

Recommended Use

FIRETEX FX1003 is designed for site application by airless spray, to provide fire resistance for up to 120 minutes on structural steel.
After appropriate drying, FIRETEX FX1003 specifications can be exposed to the weather for up to 6 months provided that the specific use does not lead to ponding water due to rainfall, condensation or other site circumstances.
FIRETEX FX1003 can resist normal weather conditions for up to 6 months without topcoat provided it has had appropriate drying prior to exposure. Once an approved topcoat has been applied as appropriate to the prevailing conditions, then durability will be substantially enhanced.
If the specific use or storage could lead to prolonged contact with water due to rainfall, condensation, or other site/transportation/storage circumstances, then a recommended topcoat must be used to prevent damage to the basecoat.


Certifire Approved – Certificate CF5077
This product has been assessed in accordance with the Criteria of Acceptability given in the ASFP/BCF "Industry Guidance Document".
This product has been tested and assessed in accordance with the ASFP firetesting protocol for cellular beam protection. See Section 6.3 from ASFP “Yellow Book” 4th Edition.

Recommended Application Methods

Airless Spray
Recommended Cleanser/Thinner: Recommended Cleanser/Thinner: No 2 (for thinning) No 2 (for thinning)

Recommended Topcoats

For certain dry, internal situations where the final colour/appearance is not critical, then FIRETEX FX1003 may remain un-topcoated.
For externally exposed steelwork up to C4 and severe internal environments, Acrolon C137V2 or Acrolon C237 must be used as a topcoat. For other internal environments where a topcoat is required then FIRETEX M71V2 or Sher-Cryl M770 should be used.
In all instances for subsequent re-decoration, use FIRETEX M71V2, Sher-Cryl M770, Acrolon C137V2 or Acrolon C237 as appropriate.

Surface Preparation

FIRETEX FX1003 is designed for use over a suitably prepared and primed substrate.
Ensure surfaces to be coated are clean, dry and free from all surface contamination.
Under certain circumstances it may be possible to apply FIRETEX FX1003 directly to steel blast cleaned to a minimum standard of Sa2½ BS EN ISO 8501-1:2001, surface profile in the range 50-100 microns. Consult Sherwin-Williams for further details.

Application Equipment

Airless Spray
Nozzle Size: 21 – 27 thou ( 0.53 – 0.69mm ) depending on application requirements
Fan Angle: 30°
Operating Pressure: 210kg/cm² (3000 psi)
The details of airless spray tip orifice size, fan angle and pressure are given as a guide. Smaller fan angles should be used where the size of the work to be sprayed makes this appropriate.
It may be found that slight variation in tip orifice size or pressure will provide optimum atomisation in some circumstances. In general, the operating pressure should be the lowest possible consistent with satisfactory atomisation.
Recommended Equipment : Use 56:1 or 68:1 Graco King or equivalent. Use 3/8” (9.53mm) ID fluid lines where lengths in excess of 3 metres are required. In-line gun or pump filters should not normally be used. Maximum length of fluid line should not exceed 60 metres.
The material is suitable for brush application, but due to the nature of the material a ribbed appearance may result.
Application of more than one coat may be necessary to give equivalent dry film thickness of a single spray applied coat.

Application Conditions and Overcoating

This material should preferably be applied at temperatures in excess of 5ºC. In conditions of high relative humidity, ie 80-85% good ventilation conditions are essential. Substrate temperature shall be at least 3ºC above the dew point and always above 0°C.
The application of FIRETEX FX1003 at elevated temperatures may reduce the sag resistance of the product.
It is the responsibility of the applicator to determine what thickness of material can successfully be applied at the prevailing ambient temperature.
The material must be protected from moisture during the drying period. Moisture ingress prior to drying may affect the integrity and fire protective properties of the coating.
No more than 2 coats by airless spray should be applied within any 24 hour period.
If the maximum recommended thickness per coat is exceeded or high film thicknesses are overcoated prematurely, cracking may occur

FIRETEX FX1003 is capable of withstanding external exposure without topcoat providing:
• The product is allowed to dry for at least 24 hours at 15°C in dry conditions with good air movement and ventilation. These conditions are based on a total dry film thickness of up to 800 microns. The drying time required will be increased if the film thickness is greater than 800 microns.
• The substrate temperature is at least 3°C above the dew point at the time of application and during the drying period.

Full product data sheets and safety data sheets are available on request.

Download Product Data Sheet (FX1003-PDS-Technical-Data-Sheet.pdf)

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