Sherwin-Williams Floorcoating Resucoat GC 5 Kilograms

  • Thixotropic Clear Sealer
  • Two Pack
  • Uniform High-Build Finish
  • Hygienic & Easily Cleaned
  • No Shrinkage on Curing
  • Easy to Apply

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Resucoat GC Seal is a two-pack epoxy resin system designed as a surface coating for Resuscreed 55, Resuscreed 45 and Decora MS. This thixotropic coating is worked into the surface of open textured resin screeds, and fills all interstices, small voids and pockets in the surface, improving the resistance to chemicals, water spillage and offering improved cleanability.


  • Uniform sealed high-build finish
  • Hygienic and easily cleaned
  • Good colour stability
  • Easy to apply
  • No shrinkage on curing
  • Can be used for decorative systems

Recommended Uses

  • Food processing and beverage areas
  • Chemical plant rooms
  • Engineering workshops
  • Automotive & aviation areas
  • Factory units
  • Warehouses


The surface to be treated with Resucoat GC must be clean, sound, dry and fully cured.
Rates of coverage will be affected by the particle size and the density of packing achieved during the application of the screed. Open textures will reduce rates of coverage significantly.


The ambient temperatures of the areas should not be allowed to fall below 15oC throughout the application and the curing period, as this could have an adverse effect on the appearance of the system.

Surface temperature must be above 10oC.

Where possible it is recommended that the application area is heated to a minimum temperature of 15oC ideally to allow the ambient and substrate temperature to stabilise prior to installation.


Pre-mix the base component to a uniform consistency then mix the entire contents of the base with the hardener. If a separate mixing bucket is being used mix thoroughly ensuring all contents of both components are removed from the buckets supplied. Mix using a slow speed electric mixer for approximately two minutes or until the two components have fully combined.
Resucoat GC is highly thixotropic, careful and thorough mixing is required. For trowel and squeegee application denibbing of the surface by steel trowel is recommended prior to application.

Resucoat GC should be applied within 48 hrs of the application of the screed system. Apply to the clean surface with a polypropylene squeegee. Ensure that the Resucoat GC is forced into the surface of the resin screed and pull down any excess to leave a thin coating.

Finally roller off to achieve an even film finish. Resucoat GC does not tend to flow therefore it is important to ensure that the finish is to an acceptable standard whilst wet. When Resucoat GC is being used on coloured systems after overnight cure, apply a coat of Resucoat HB to provide a wearing finish.

When Resucoat GC is being used on decorative systems after overnight cure, apply a coat of Resutop Clear to provide a wearing finish.

Download Product Data Sheet (SW_PDS_Resucoat_GC_Base.pdf)

Download Safety Data Sheet (SDS_SW_Resucoat_GC_Base.pdf)

Download Safety Data Sheet (SDS_SW_Resucoat_GC_Base.pdf)

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