6" Stencil Kit 0-9

  • Reusable 6" Stencils
  • Perfect for Use in Factories, Warehouses and More
  • Durable and Hardwearing

Sale price£39.00ex vat

These 6” number stencil kits allow you to create clear, professional standard number signs quickly and easily, using our line marking spray paints.

Each stencil kit features numbers 0-9 – these durable, hard-wearing stencils can be used repeatedly, so they are really cost-effective for larger projects.

To create a sign, simply apply a number stencil to the surface, spray one of our line marking paints over the stencil, and peel it back to reveal a bright, professional standard number sign.

These 6” number stencil kits ideal for use in factories and warehouses, for labelling product batches and areas, as well as a range of other areas.

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