Coo-Var Acid Etch - 6 x 5 Litres

  • Clean and 'etch' concrete/mortared floors and pools
  • Removes Laitence and Salts
  • Essential for good adhesion on paint
  • Suitable Surfaces: Floated Concrete Floors, Mortared floors
  • Application: Still Yard Brush
  • Estimated Coverage: 7m² per litre

Sale price£121.30ex vat

A careful blend of acids and wetting agents in solution. Acid Etch removes residual laitance from all new concrete - use prior to painting. Removes laitance and salts from concrete and render. Should be used to prepare exceptionally smooth surfaces and power floated concrete floors where blasting and mechanical abrasion is not practical.

Surface Preparation

Clear and sweep the area to be etched to remove debris. Ensure surface is free of oil and grease before application.

Application Conditions

See Health and Safety data sheet for suitable personal protective equipment. When the Acid Etch is applied it begins to react with the surface and will bubble as the reaction is carried out. When the bubbling has stopped then the reaction is complete and the remaining neutralised acid should be washed away with fresh water. Allow to dry completely before attempting to paint the surface.

Preceding Coat

Coo-Var Universal Degreaser or Coo-Var Oil Remover where required.

Subsequent Coat

Suitable Coo-Var top coat.


Essential for good adhesion of paint where mechanical abrading is not possible.

Download Technical Data Sheet (ACID_ETCH_TDS_CV.pdf)

Download Safety Data Sheet (101-w101_-_acid_etch_for_floors_-_sds10622_-_uk.pdf)

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