Coo-Var Dampshield

  • Two-Component Resin Membrane
  • Tolerant to Residual Moisture In Concrete Floors
  • Use Prior To Painting Floor
  • Enables Earlier Access To Floor
  • Solvent Free
  • Low Odour
  • Sold in 1kg & 5kg Tins
  • Grey & Clear Finish Available

Colour: Grey
Size: 6 x 1 Kilogram
Sale price£198.70ex vat

Coo-Var Dampshield is a two-component resin membrane that is tolerant to residual moisture in concrete floors. This enables earlier access onto the floor than would otherwise be available for the application of screeds, coatings and other floor coverings including carpets, tiles, vinyl and wood. Being solvent free it is low odour during application which allows usage in areas where taint could be a problem. Coo-Var Dampshield can be used on concrete floors and fine concrete screeds, in the case of unbonded screeds this should not be less than 50mm thick. The surface must be of sufficient quality, continuity and mechanical strength to ensure even coating.

Surface Preparation

Concrete surfaces must be prepared by scarifying, vacuum shot-blasting, planing or other suitable method. All traces of concrete hardeners or other contaminants must be removed. The surface must be thoroughly vacuumed to remove concrete dust and then protect against further contamination by suitable means. Surfaces must be free from liquid, water, and the atmosphere must not be condensing.

Application Conditions

As dictated by normal good painting practice. Do not apply if the temperature is likely to drop below 10 °C during application or during the drying process.

Subsequent Coat

Coo-Var Profloor Plus


The system is selected on the basis of hygrometer readings in accordance with BS 8203. The number of coats to be applied is chosen in accordance with the following table. Relative Coating thickness Humidity Reading % 75 - 85 1 coat @ 230 mic 85 - 92 2 coats @ 230 mic / coat 92 - 97 3 coats @ 230 mic / coat When laid onto a concrete surface where there is no damp-proof membrane (DPM) or where damage may have rendered the DPM ineffective, due consideration must be given to the possible presence of hydrostatic pressure, and the consequences of creating a barrier layer resulting in the pressure / water flow being directed elsewhere.

Download Safety Data Sheet (103-q124_-_dampshield_-_hardener_-_sds11127_-_uk.pdf)

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