Coo-Var GP101 Graffiti & Flyposting Protection System

  • Single-pack Graffiti Protection Paint
  • Fast Drying - Apply Two Coats in One Day
  • Wash Off Graffiti Using Only Water
  • Flyposting Glue & Tape Will Not Stick
  • For Exterior Use
  • Suitable for Concrete, Metal & Masonry
  • Gloss Finish
  • Apply by Roller, Brush or Spray
  • Touch Dry in 1-2 Hours
  • Estimated Coverage Area 8-10m² Per Litre

Colour: Gloss
Size: 2.5 Litres
Sale price£122.50ex vat

Coo-Var GP101 Graffiti & Flyposting Protection System is a clear surface coating, available in a matt and gloss finish, offering excellent protection against graffiti and poster vandalism. Coo-Var GP101 Graffiti & Flyposting Protection System can be used on a wide range of clean prepared rough or smooth surfaces, whilst continuing to retain the appearance and aesthetics of the original surface. As well as preventing permanent marking by graffiti, which can easily be cleaned using water or mild cleansing agents, GP101 also makes Fly Posters easy to remove. Posters just peel off and graffiti can be removed quickly and easily with water or water with mild detergent (DO NOT USE ANYTHING STRONGER).

Surface Preparation

Remove existing graffiti with dedicated graffiti removal agents where required. Ensure that the substrate is free of any residue from graffiti removal agents. The surface must be clean, sound and free of any dust, dirt, oil and grease. If necessary wash substrate with high pressure water and allow to dry. Adhesion should be checked over all surfaces as follows to ensure suitability of GP101: - Dab GP101 with a small rag onto a small area of substrate (5-10cm² is sufficient) and allow to dry overnight. For signage and murals, after sufficient dry time has elapsed, rub firmly across the test area with finger for loss of adhesion. For other painted surfaces, rub firmly with a rag soaked with Thinners 14, then rub the surface by hand. If there is no evidence of GP101 peeling off the surface is compatible.

Application Conditions

As dictated by normal good painting practice. In confined spaces, provide adequate ventilation during application and drying. For Spray application please see GP101 Guidance Note available from or contact Coo-Var Technical Services Department.

Preceding Coat

Coo-Var Anti-Graffiti Sealer Coat on porous and natural surfaces such as sandstone. Apply direct to non porous brick work and masonry.

Subsequent Coat

GP101 Graffiti & Flyposting Protection System


Please refer to GP101 Guidance Note along with this technical data sheet. The guidance note is available from or contact Coo-Var Technical Services Department. GP101 has a pot life of approximately two hours when exposed to the elements, can vary depending on the ambient conditions.

Download Safety Data Sheet (207-GP101_-_GRAFFITI___FLYPOSTING_PROTECTION_SYSTEM_-_SDS11186_-_UK.pdf)

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