Coo-Var Oil Tolerant Primer 5 Litres

  • Two-Component Epoxy Resin Membrane
  • Designed For Concrete Floors & Screeds
  • Tolerant To Residual Oil Contamination
  • Primes Surface Before Applying Coo-Var Paint
  • Assists Adhesion of Paint
  • For Surfaces With Residual Contamination
  • Use Before Coo-Var Profloor Plus Paint

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Coo-Var Oil Tolerant Primer is a two-component epoxy resin membrane that is tolerant to residual oil contamination in concrete floors. It is designed to improve the adhesion of coatings and screed systems to substrates that have previously been thoroughly cleaned but may still retain some residual contamination. Coo-Var Oil Tolerant Primer can be used on concrete floors and fine concrete screeds of not less than 50mm thick, in the case of unbonded screeds. The product may also be applied to polymers, screeds and certain types of smoothing underlayment's, provided these are well bonded.

Surface Preparation

Concrete surfaces must be prepared by scarifying, vacuum shot-blasting, planing or other suitable method. All traces of concrete hardeners or other contaminants must be removed. The surface must be thoroughly vacuumed to remove concrete dust and then protect against further contamination by suitable means. Surfaces must be free from liquid, water, and the atmosphere must not be condensing. Important: Coo-Var Oil Tolerant Primer will not bond to grossly contaminated surfaces and surface cleaning and preparation is an essential part of this process.

Application Conditions

As dictated by normal good painting practice. Do not apply if the temperature is likely to drop below 10 °C during application or during the drying process. In confined spaces, provide adequate ventilation during application and drying.

Subsequent Coat

Coo-Var Profloor Plus


Please use this technical data sheet in conjunction with the Oil Tolerant Primer guidance notes.

Download Safety Data Sheet (103-Q228_-_OIL_TOLERANT_PRIMER_CLEAR_-_BASE_-_SDS11075_-_UK.pdf)

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