Coo-Var Vandalene Anti-Climb Paint

  • Thick, Non-drying Anti-climb Paint
  • Helps Protect Property From Intruders
  • Provides Slippery Anti-grip Surface
  • Ideal for Window Ledges, Pipes & Walls
  • Remains Tacky Leaving a Coating
  • Deterrent Poster Available
  • Suitable for Wood, Metal & Masonry
  • Semi-matt Finish
  • Apply by Brush or Mitt
  • Estimated Coverage Area 2m² Per Kg

Colour: Black
Size: 4 x 800 Grams
Sale price£94.80ex vat

A thick single pack non-drying product of sticky nature, providing a slippery surface. Contains a hidden identifier. For use on window ledges, down pipes, walls, gutters, anywhere which may be used as a grip point to gain unauthorised access.

Surface Preparation

Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from grease, oil and any other contaminates. Seal porous surfaces first. Roughen smooth surfaces using coarse abrasive paper or by wire brushing. Metal should be suitably prepared and primed prior to application.

Application Conditions

As dictated by normal good painting practice. In confined spaces, provide adequate ventilation during application and drying.

Preceding Coat

Coo-Var Acrylic Primer Sealer on masonry and wood and other porous surfaces, Coo-Var All Metals Primer if applying to metals.

Subsequent Coat

Not required


Notification signs should be used. Use in areas where temperatures do not normally exceed 30C.

Download Safety Data Sheet (200-C264_-_VANDALENE__ALL_COLOURS__-_SDS10429_-_UK.pdf)

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