Coo-Var Water Based Oil Remover 2 x 5 Litres

  • Water-based Oil Remover
  • Environmentally Friendly Cleaner
  • Powerful Degreasing Properties
  • Use to Degrease and Remove Oil
  • Ideal for Use Prior to Acid Etching or Painting

Sale price£72.45ex vat

An efficient cleaner designed to provide rapid release of oil and hydrocarbon contamination from floors, walls and other substrates. Coo-Var Water Based Oil Remover is an aqueous cleaner designed for use on floors, walls and other hard surfaces. It rapidly releases heavy oils, hydrocarbons and ground-in dirt from surfaces such as concrete, brick and breezeblock. Use to deep clean floor surfaces prior to the application of coatings, seals and other finishes. Also use to remove slip hazards following leaks and spills.

Surface Preparation

Sweep floor to remove debris.

Application Conditions

Apply liberally to the area to be cleaned. Work well into the surface with a stiff brush and leave for 20 to 60 minutes. Rinse the area well with a pressure washer or hose, collect the rinse water with a wet vac machine. Once the surface oil contamination has been removed, continue with any surface preparation as necessary i.e. mechanical abrasion or chemical etching as required to provide a key for a subsequent coating.

Subsequent Coat

Allow the surface to dry thoroughly. This can take up to several days. Apply a suitable primer for the surface if overcoating.


Oil remover contains no dangerous caustic chemicals, harmful solvents, phosphates or aggressive biocides. It is safer for the user and the environment. Shelf Life: 12 Months in original container

Download Safety Data Sheet (103-q227_-_water_based_oil_remover_-_sds11099_-_uk.pdf)

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