Prosolve Industrial Floor Paint

  • Great Coverage: Offers on average 25 sq/m of coverage per 5L
  • Choice Of Colours: Options to suit all applications & preferences
  • Tough & Durable Floor Paint: Protects concrete floors from impacts, abrasion, water, salt & solvents
  • Fast Drying: Minimal downtime on site
  • Versatile Applications: Perfect garage floor paint, warehouse floor paint, workshop floor paint & more
  • Easy To Apply: Simply use a roller or brush, no need for specialist equipment
  • Quantity Discount: Order in 20L quantity to get a discount!

Colour: Blue
Size: 5 Litres
Sale price£40.00ex vat

ProSolve Industrial Floor Paint is a high-quality concrete floor paint, designed to coat and protect concrete floors in demanding industrial and commercial spaces. This floor paint can be used internally or externally as warehouse floor paint, garage floor paint, or workshop floor paint. It can also be used in a range of other areas in home, commercial and industrial environments. It helps to protect floors from impact, abrasion and spills.

This high-quality floor paint is designed to offer a hard-wearing protective coating over concrete floors. This paint is impact and abrasion-resistant, as well as durable against exposure to solvent, salt and water.

ProSolve Industrial Floor Paint is available in a range of different colours, to suit different applications, environments and personal preferences.

This floor paint is very easy to apply with a roller or brush. One 5 litre tin usually covers on average an area of around 25 square metres. ProSolve Industrial Floor Paint is also fast drying and one coat is usually sufficient! If you do require multiple coats, it is best to allow 8-10 hours between coats.

For Best Results: Before application, clean the floor thoroughly and prime it with ProSolve Prime & Seal to ensure the best quality, long-lasting finish.

Download Safety Data Sheet (ProSolve-Floor-Paint-FP-Safety-Data-Sheet_0620.pdf)

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